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Imaginarium Fort Myers

The Entrance of the ImaginariumImaginarium FORT MYERS  DOWNTOWN.  Anytime is a great time to learn something new, even while on vacation. Well, while vacationing in Fort Myers, you and your family will learn something new and exciting at the Fort Myers Imaginarium. Located in historical downtown Fort Myers, the Imaginarium opened its doors in 1995, in the old Fort Myers Water Plant. Built on 7 acres, this "hands-on" museum is sure to pack plenty of activities that is perfect for a great family outing.

The Dino Dig at the ImaginariumWith over 60 interactive exhibits, the Imaginarium will provide a day of fun and learning for the entire family. Visit the freshwater lagoon, interact with live fish, sharks and turtles or participate in a real life T-Rex excavation at the Dino-Dig. Become a weatherman and learn how to predict the weather...and touch a real cloud. Prepare to be blown away by taking part in the awesome "Hurricane Experience." You can also join the Imaginarium each Saturday for Super Science Saturday, that includes an educational workshop and a hands-on fun show.

The Water Tower at the ImaginariumTo become part of the experience, just follow the water tower to historic downtown Fort Myers, home of the Imaginarium, where learning is fun and easy for the entire family.


2000 Cranford St, Fort Myers 33901 239-337-3332

Hours  Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun noon-5pm