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The Everglades Day Safari

The Everglades Day Safari FORT MYERS  If you need a little break from the typical theme park vacation while in Florida, then get the family down to the Everglades Day Safari in Fort Myers. The Everglades Day Safari is your chance to adventure through old Florida and see for yourself why the Everglades are one of the ecologically unique places in the world. Whether you are staying on the east coast or the west coast, the Everglades Day Safari will pick you up and bring you back after your day of adventure in the Florida Everglades.
The Everglades Day Safari Airboat RidesThe Everglades Day Safari offers four different ways to explore the Florida Everglades. First, is arguably the best, and the most popular, way to experience everything that the Everglades have to offer. You and your family will spend about an hour on an oversized airboat, skipping through parts of the Everglades that are filled with various types of wildlife such as alligators and birds. The airboat ride also takes you through the Miccosukee Indian Reservation, where you can see an actual Miccosukee village.
The Everglades Day Safari Boat RideSecond, take a relaxing, 90-minute boat ride through the wondrous mangrove forest as you sail your way towards the Gulf of Mexico. On this memorable journey, prepare to gaze upon such water animals as dolphin and manatees, plus many other types of Everglades wildlife. Join your knowledgeable guides as they verbally direct your tour with every detail about the everglades.

The Everglades Day Safari Boat Ride Feral PigNext, pile the family into the Everglades Day Safari truck and spend some time exploring the Big Cypress Preserve National Park. The Big Cypress Preserve is home to many different types of wildlife such as alligators, black bear and a variety of beautiful and interesting butterflies and insects. You never know what exactly what you will see when you take a trip into the Big Cypress Preserve National Park.
The Everglades Day Safari Nature Walk Florida PantherOn the final leg of the tour, trek through the cypress swamp on the Everglades Day Safari Nature Walk. Explore the marvel that is the cypress swamp, but his time do it on foot. Take a leisurely hike along the trail and spot some of the wildlife that call the cypress swamp their home. Animals like deer, otter, feral pigs and even the rare Florida panther, have been known to roam around the natural walk trail, to make this portion of the Day Safari a bit more personal.
Calusa Interior DisplayAfter your long and exciting day of adventure have a seat, relax and feast at the Seafood Depot Restaurant. The Seafood Depot is housed in the old Everglades Train Depot. They serve up a delicious variety of lunch dishes and don't forget to try their signature appetizers...gator nuggets!

So, if you and your family are looking for a destination that will provide a lifetime of adventurous memories, visit the most ecologically unique place in the world and make the Everglades Day Safari part of your vacation experience.   


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